Family and Marriage

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Situation: A family of 4, mother father and boy and girl moved from an urban area to a suburban area because of increase in tax bracket from 20% to 47%. They had longer than usual commute in their new location and they were also able to purchase a bigger house. The kids went off to college and even though the daughter started to hang with bad kide. She turne turned around when she zaw her brother was successful.

Discuss the simulation on Family Ecology theory and the choices you made and the outcomes of those choices. These simulations should be used to help you make choices about the family you are creating. Some things to think about in your initial post: Do you think the theory is a good explanation for families? What about the other theories in the chapter? Besides family ecology theory which one do you think is the best?

Some other things to think about in your discussion for your additional two posts: Do you think it is important to research family issues? Why? If you were going to do a study which family topic would you do a study on? What method would you use?

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