Acc 418 Unit 3 Discussions

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***There are 2 Discussions. Each discussion must be 250 words and need to have at least 1 to 2 references.

Discussion 1:

Kohlberg said that there are six stages of moral development, culminating in a belief that there are universal ethical principles that everyone should follow. Relativists say that every culture has different ethical principles and there’s no absolute right or wrong. Postmoderns say that there is no universal truth at all only constructs. Do you think that implies that these ethical systems are less developed than a philosophy that teaches universal truth or that Kohlberg was wrong? Explain your reasoning.

Discussion 2:

In the culture in which you grew up, which of the four false goods (money, pleasure, prestige, and power) do you think is the strongest temptation for the most people? Why do you think so?

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