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You are crafting a complaint for Justin Tyme, who was injured in a car accident. Using the sample complaint provided below, draft a complaint on behalf of Justin, for your supervising attorney, Barbie Doll’s review.

Justin Tyme owns a pizza company. His slogan is “We’ll be Just In Tyme for your dinner or your pizza is free!” On August 17, 2015, Justin was driving to deliver his last pizza of the night. He was in a hurry to be sure that he arrived on time, and was going about 50mph, about 5 over the speed limit. He was merging onto the expressway from Cherry Street, when he was suddenly hit from behind. He can’t recall much from the accident. He recalls that he was hit on the driver’s side back bumper. The back of his car was crushed. The ambulance was called, and Justin was taken to the emergency room for observations. It turned out he had a broken collarbone from the seatbelt, and minor chemical burns on his hands from the airbag accidentally deploying. Justin was forced to miss work for several weeks while he recuperated, and thus the business lost significant revenue, as there were only 3 other workers besides Justin.

Justin required surgery on his collarbone, and has lost some sensation in his fingers from the chemical burns.

He wishes to sue Mary Bo Peep, the driver of the other vehicle. Justin claims he has lost $30,000 in revenue from his business being closed, has doctor bills of $7,000, and his car was damaged and required repairs that cost $3000.

Justin lives at 123 Mockingbird Lane, White, MN 12345

Mary lives at 4556 Blackbird Hill, Black, MN 23221

Your law firm’s contact information is as follows:
Doll, GI Joe and Bear, LLC
231 Toychest Lane
Green Tree, MN 32343
Telephone: (647) 555-8383
Fax: (647) 333-8473

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