writing the feedback about a movie

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write the reflection about the movie. Follow the instructions


1. Stream or rent the movie Brubaker – this is a true story of an attempt to reform a prison in the State of Arkansas.Watch the movie up to the point that the exiting warden, leaving at night, says to the new warden Brubaker – “…you want it you got it”. Stop the movie there.

What are the positives and negatives to Brubaker’s entry strategy?

Where can he expect resistance to change and readiness to change?

Next morning – what is the first thing you will do?

2. Now continue watching the movie up to the point of the first prison board meeting.Watch until Lillian Gray says “if you don’t learn to play these people you will self-destruct and then you’ll be of no use to me”. Stop the movie there.

As a change agent, what are the positives that he has enacted within the prison itself?

How is he doing overall as a change agent? Is there somethings he should be doing differently? How is he managing his power relationships?

3. STOP the movie again after his meeting with Lillian Gray, Edwards and the =[Senator when Brubaker says “I’ve got a prison to run” and Edwards replies “I hope so”. Critical question now – would you recommend that he continue digging or stop the digging and why?

4. STOP the movie when Dickie Coombes starts clapping and others join in.

Now – would you consider Brubaker an effective change agent?

Then continue on to the end of the movie to the postscript.

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