write the peer review for two articles

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Give thoughtful responses to the following questions. Be specific—one word answers, as a general rule, aren’t that useful. Explain why you’re confused, or what kind of information you’d like to see added. Focus on revision-level issues (content, organization, transitions, etc) more than refinement-level issues (grammar, word choice)—although you can certainly make style/grammar suggestions if you want. Your job is to help your peer’s draft become better by reviewing the content and providing revision suggestions and ideas. It’s up to your peer to then decide to implement those suggestions.

Provide annotated feedback directly in the draft (by inserting feedback through the submission directly in Canvas ) and leave at least comment for the peer review to be considered “finished.” Also check if your peer has left you any specific questions to tackle. This will be the first time we use the full-on peer review function in Canvas, so if there is any confusion, be sure to use the Canvas Guides to help.



  • Does the Introduction clearly state the issue that the report addresses? Does it provide background information? Does it preview the report’s content and relate the scope? Is there information that belongs in the Findings section rather than the Introduction?
  • Are there only 2 paragraphs? Are they both too short? Too long?
  • Is the intro around 200-250 words… and is it appropriate for the specific topic?


  • Is the report specific enough? Are there places where you are confused and need clarification? What kinds of clarification would help (definitions, examples, clearer topic sentences, etc)?
  • Does each Findings heading connect to the main issue previewed in the Introduction of the report? Does the report’s organization make sense? Are there places with too much unnecessary information or context? Places with not enough information or context?
  • Does each paragraph have one main idea that is well developed? Are the paragraphs too short? Too long? Are more subheadings needed for readability? Why or why not?
  • Are sources introduced and integrated effectively (with varied signal phrases)? How so? Explain and offer examples from the report. Are sources interpreted and analyzed or does the source usage revolve around summary and description? Where is source material needed? Where is more interpretation needed? Note and explain your suggestions.


  • Does the conclusion tie everything together and summarize effectively?
  • Is the purpose of the report made clear? Is the topic’s relevance and value connected to the larger field?
  • Are there any questions that you would like to have answered about this topic which the writer hasn’t covered?

Documentation, Format, and Style

  • Does the report use correct APA citations, both in-text and on the references page? Mark anything questionable, even if you aren’t sure.
  • Does the formatting of the draft match the formatting of the sample student reports? So, is the use of white space, headings, font and type style (bold, italics), etc. set up as required?
  • Are the headings/subheadings properly formatted? Are the subheadings parallel in structure (expressed in the same style) and length?
  • Is the language usage appropriate for the intended audience? Is the tone conversational and objective? Mark areas that need improvement and explain your observations.

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