true crime final

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  • Stereotype, Prejudice, Discrimination and/or Just-World Hypothesis and the CJ System

references attached below

Your Final Paper asks you to analyze either the Avery or Dassey case evidence and come to a conclusion about the verdict in one of these cases. Your analysis should be well-reasoned and include support from academic, library resources to support your argument(s). Utilize the research articles submitted in the Research Assignment, and at least two (2) additional, credible, authoritative sources for support (a total of 6 sources) in your analysis. In your paper, be sure to include:

1) The verdict – do you agree with the verdict in this case, or disagree with the verdict?

2) What specific evidence from your analysis of the case did you rely on to form your conclusion about the verdict ? Choose ONE evidentiary area (this should also be the the area of research you conducted in the Research Assignment) and outline its significance to your verdict conclusion. Be specific. Describe the evidence in detail. If the evidence is faulty or weak, explain why such faults or weaknesses support your verdict conclusion. If the evidence is strong, illustrate why it should be considered the most significant and probative in this case.

3) Are there any other factors besides this one area of evidence that provide additional support for your conclusion? Detail those.

4) Summarize your paper with a compelling restatement and conclusion of your argument. (*You may, if you disagree with the verdict, offer an alternate theory of the crime if you desire).


  • 5 pages minimum
  • APA format
  • Cover page, References page, and running header
  • 6 sources (credible, authoritative, library sources)
  • Strong academic writing, polished with no errors (ie., make sure you proofread!)

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