Resume and Cover Letter Or Personal Statement

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If you are planning to apply to graduate school or continue your education in some other way, you will design a resume and write a personal statement. You will:


1. Do a bit of research to find a program to which you might consider applying.

2. Create a resume tailored to this program.

3. Write a personal statement (even if the program doesn’t require one, although most do) describing why you’d make a good addition to the program.

REQUIREMENTS: When you submit this assignment, you should also attach a copy of the job posting or call for applications to which you responded (even if you don’t plan on actually applying for this position or program).

Your resume should follow the guidelines covered in the PowerPoint. Resumes should be no longer than one full page.

Cover letters and personal statements should also follow the guidelines I’ve provided. Cover letters should be no more than one full page. Personal statements are typically a little longer, usually around 500 words, but this will depend on the program you choose to focus on.

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