module 4 lit

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For this assignment, you are going to explore character development in role. You are also going to experience the effect of spacing, arrangement, positioning, etc. This requires you to take some of the concepts from the previous module (how the illustrator communicates through visuals and media) and apply it in a different way. For this task, you’ll embody a scene. Just like a scene of a graphic novel, you can communicate emotion and story through body placement, expression, background, color, props, etc…

Choose one book from the three you are required to choose from this week (Drowned City, Yummy, Or The Hate U Give).

  1. Select the most important or your favorite scene/image (or page if from the novel) from one of the books presented this week. Just pick one.
  2. Recruit some friends, family, colleagues to help you create a tableau, or frozen scene, to create an embodied “illustration.” (you must have their permission to post an image to our discussion board). If you can’t find people to help, you could have someone take a pic of only you in the scene.
  3. Illustrate the scene using your body. In other words, think about how you can situate your body to “act out” the scene. Freeze into position. That’s the tableau.
  4. Consider body position, basic props, expressions, setting
  5. Have someone take a photograph of the tableau.
  6. Post the picture of the tableau on the discussion board. NO CREDIT for anything computer generated!!
  7. Submission
    • Post picture (embedded not attached since everyone needs to see it)
    • Include the title of your book and the page number
    • Give your scene a title too- creative and original
    • Discuss your tableaux. What did you notice when you assumed the role of a character? What new insights or appreciation did you gain? Did you understand the plot differently? How did the author’s language help you create the scene?
    • Add your final thoughts about the book. What did you think?
    • Respond to a peer– Thoughtful response. Remember, add to the conversation
    • 2: Make sure your actors are aware that you are posting this picture in an online class. Others will see it. If your actors don’t want their faces to appear, there are clever ways to take the photos to hide identities.

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