Management of human resources

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The Yankee Group
reports that 66 percent of companies determine website success solely by
measuring the amount of traffic. Unfortunately, large amounts of website
traffic do not necessarily indicate large sales. Many websites with lots of
traffic have minimal sales. The best way tomeasure
a website’s successis to measure
such things as the revenue generated by Web traffic, the number of new
customers acquired by Web traffic, any reductions in customer service calls
resulting from Web traffic. As you deploy your Business 2.0 strategy, you want
to build a website that creates stickiness and a sense of community for your
customers. Explain why measuring Web traffic is not a good indicator of Web
sales or website success. How would you implement Business 2.0 characteristics
to create a sense of community for your customers? How could a wiki help grow
your business? Could you use blogs to create a marketing buzz? What else can
you do to ensure your website finds financial success?

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