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Please respond to post with about 5 sentences.

My name is Stella Udechukwu. I grew up in Nigeria, West Africa. I did my ADN in Miami Dade College and I work for Jackson health system. I have been a nurse for 10 years. My experience so far with the BSN program is enormous. The BSN program has opened my eyes to new possibilities in nursing profession. It has helped me improve my practice at work because it is make it possible for me to have a greater understanding of nursing. My expectations are that I will use the experiences that I will acquire from this program to better myself educationally and professionally and also to make meaningful contributions to the profession of nursing and improve patients outcomes.

Global health is important to me because I would want to know the health problems in other parts of the world and what they are doing to solve those health issues. This will be useful in planning vacations and other recreational activities.

I envision my role in global health as an educator and advocate. I would like to have a channel to disseminate health information and educate people on public health issues and also to advocate for changes and improvements on health care matters.

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