Food Service Operation

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For this assignment, you will focus on the heart of any foodservice operation—its menu. Any discussion of the fundamentals of foodservice must start with the menu because the menu is fundamental to any foodservice operation. We know from our studies that the development of a foodservice menu requires careful strategic planning, and there are some factors that predominately influence menu planning.

Therefore, for this assignment, consider the restaurant that you researched and wrote about last week in your Unit 1 assignment. Perhaps your restaurant is categorized as one of the following:

  • QSR
  • Fast-casual
  • Family/midscale
  • Moderate/theme
  • Fine dining

Your task is to develop a menu and beverage plan for your restaurant that you will present to your staff. Your plan should address the following key fundamental considerations:

  • Principles of food and beverage cost controls
  • Customer price points
  • Psychological factors with regard to pricing
  • Different menus for different time periods
  • Cost markup
  • Menu engineering matrix
  • Other important menu considerations that you discovered in your readings and research

Prepare your plan in the form of a 9–15-slide PowerPoint presentation (including cover slide and references). Remember to properly APA format your document, and include any required in-text citations and references for the sources of your work. Your presentation should include detailed speaker notes explaining each of the sections.

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