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Effective Leadership in a Global Constituency

As preparation for this assignment:

  • Read the World Health Organization publication, “Eleventh Futures Forum on the Ethical Governance of Pandemic Influenza Preparedness.” (I HAVE UPLOADED THIS TO THE FILE UPLOAD BOX WITHIN THIS QUESTION)
  • Research the position that the United States takes toward Pandemic Influenza Preparedness.

When you have completed these initial tasks, submit a paper to your instructor that addresses the following:

  • Describe the ethical approach of the United States and three additional countries to the distribution of vaccine and drugs in the event of a pandemic.
  • What ethical models does each country’s thinking represent?
  • What ethical challenges do you foresee in the event the four countries find themselves in a position to need to work together to distribute resources?
  • Based on your studies in this course, what actions might you recommend leaders take to address these challenges?

Grading Criteria and Percentage

1. Describe the ethical approach of different countries to a global problem (20% of grade)

2. Analyze the ethical models different countries use to assess ethical problems (20% of grade)

3. Analyze ethical challenges created by individual country responses to a global problem (20%

4. Recommend actions to address ethical challenges created by a global problem (20% of grade)

5. Use effective academic and professional communication skills to explain the relationship between ethics and leadership (20% of grade).

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