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For this report you will be assigned a social problem from
the ones to be discussed during the semester. You are to write a term paper on the
problem assigned to you. Late papers will not be accepted. The format of the paper is to
be as follows.
Social Problem Report Format and Content The paper should contain a careful
statement of the problem. Then, through Internet and library research as well as
interviews with at least three people who deal with the problem regularly in the
work/life you will develop a report that discusses the scope of the problem, its likely
causes, and some potential practical solutions. In the paper you will need to describe
current debates about the issues you have chosen. To do this you will need to
summarize the basic point of view of one sociological perspective – how that
perspective explains the problem as well as its causes and solutions. Your conclusion
can then be a statement of what you believe to be an effective response to the problem
along with a statement of why you have taken this approach. The paper should be
between 10-12 pages (double spaced with the font Times New Roman at size 12) with a
bibliography and reference done in the style of a formal term paper. For this report, you
will be assigned a topic by the 4th week of class. It is necessary to discuss your
paper/research with me as your topic progresses, to be sure that you are on the right
track. This can be done on the telephone or a face-to-face meeting. An outline of the
report must be submitted to me for approval by the 18th of November. If you need any
assistance in writing, and researching please be sure to take advantage of the services
of the library staff and the folks at the library learning center. ADDITIONAL
INFORMATION FOR WRITING YOUR REPORT Start your research by reading the chapter
assigned and doing a search of the topic assigned on the Internet and in the library.
Then find at least three people to interview. For your Internet research look for
Sociology web sites. NOTE: These sites are used by many different professors for many
different purposes. Some of the sites are NOT scientific and many sites are NOT about
the United States. It is your job to pick out those sites that are scientific, are not
propaganda sites, sociological, and about the U. S. You will need to cite a minimum of 5
sociological web sites about the major topic that you have selected from the textbook.
Therefore you should report on 5 additional sites to be sure that you get the minimum
number of scientific sociological sites.

The outline is due in NOVEMBER Once the professor approves the outline only the paper can be written

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