body language

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Task 5

What is your body language saying to others? What does theirs say to you? In this week’s module you will investigate the role that body language plays in effective communication.

Read from your textbook “Chapter 4: Nonverbal Communication”

Read “How to Read Body Language”

Read “The Best Ways to Communicate with Body Language”

Take the quiz – “Test Your Emotional Intelligence”

After reading the information and learning a little bit more about the impact of nonverbal communication, have a friend, family member or colleague record a video of you interacting with them. In order to capture your true body language, it is ideal if the person records the video without your knowledge. A three minute recording will suffice.

Create a file folder for this week titled with your name and Task 5.

Place the following items in the file folder:

  • PowerPoint presentation that you will use in this week’s lesson (please leave the PowerPoint blank at this time)
  • All images that you will use in your PowerPoint
  • The video your friend, family member, or colleague recorded
  • Plan for a 6-9 minute presentation that includes the video of your interaction.
  • An APA formatted outline that contains (1) the introduction to your presentation, (2) the video of your interaction with someone, (3) a brief analysis of what you did right and wrong and what your nonverbal messages, both positive and negative, convey to your listener (4) the conclusion to your presentation.

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