world history 3 questions only

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Please read the text. ( World history )

Questions to help you give better answers to critical thinking questions:

  1. What was the world like in relation to the issue? (underlying attitudes or beliefs) How is it different today?
  2. Could this have happened in a different way given the time in history?
  3. What might a different outcome have been?
  4. What do you think about this and why?
  5. What facts help you form your opinion?


Choose three questions from the following and answer them thoroughly.Type them into a Word document, save it to your computer, and submit it here. Let the rubric guide you. Each of the 3 must be 150 words!

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Why was World War I considered the first global war, and how did it impact the average citizen?
  2. What was the legacy of World War I?
  3. Why was Nationalism such a driving force in the global conflict?
  4. What impact did technology have on the war’s changing landscape?
  5. What factors led to the Armenian genocide, and what were its effects?
  6. Which provisions of the Treaty of Versailles made the insurance of a lasting peace impossible?

– I want you to follow the

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