The Price of Freedom, assignment help

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I will send you the chapter related to this assignment. Please cite within the answer using (Foner, pg #).

This is the website you will be using to post the three exhibit highlights.

The Smithsonian Institution is the
national repository of the rich history we have surveyed in our course. If you
are a citizen of the U.S., then your tax money supports it. You are helping to
maintain the record of America’s past.

Museum is an amazing resource. In this, our final Discussion of the semester
(yes, you made it), I invite you to visit its pages on the Civil War. Some of
the best of these are collected in the exhibit — The Price of Freedom

be sure to set aside at least 30 minutes of your time to fully take in this
exhibit. If you can, set aside more or…bookmark the page and return to it
throughout the week. It will repay your careful study tenfold, and it will do
this through photos, video, timelines, and text.

you immerse yourself in the site, be sure you come to it having read the chapter
for this week and the documents I’ve posted under the Resource Tab. These will
deepen your understanding of the conflict and permit you to peer deeper into the
depths of the U.S.’s true founding moment.

you move from webpage to webpage (slowly, keeping your eye out for drop-down
menus and pop-up boxes: the site is RICH), list and
discuss at least three parts of the exhibit (an image, map, audio clip) that you
feel go beyond the Foner text and link up to the key themes of Chapter 14. How
does your document or fact or event flesh out these themes and add depth to our
understanding of the past? If another student has already written about the
image or information you wish to stress, find another: the site is large

all times, question the evidence that you come upon. Look for contradictions,
confusions. Stay alert to what is NOT being presented as well, to what is
“conspicuous by its absence.” 

you’re ready, click here — Price
of Freedom Link
to start your quest. A page will appear that will list the major wars in U.S.
history. Click on the link to the Civil War.

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