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Students will create a PowerPoint presentation, in which you assume the role of vice president of the supply chain for an organization of your choice (NIKE Jordan Brand)

Required Elements of the Presentation:

  • Your presentation is being made to the CEO, Board of Directors and VP for Operations
  • Your presentation will ask for a decision on a major change in the supply chain operation that affects at least three (3) supply chain drivers and at least three (3) performance measures for each supply chain driver.
  • Explain your rationale for selecting these measures in terms of their pros and cons, using evidence and examples and how they affect the change you are proposing.
  • Your summary will include the overall performance of the supply chain using at least three (3) performance measures.

Required Formatting of Presentation:

  • The PowerPoint presentation consists of at least 12 slides.
  • Use short bullet points on slides and talking points in the Notes area. (Use “Click Here to Add Notes” for talking points)

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