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Annotated Bibliography

Segrave, J., Spenser, T., & Santos, K. (2018). Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, 2017-2018: A Case Study. Sport Journal. Retrieved from

Segrave, Jeff; Spenser, Tim; Santos, Kevin case study in the sport journal 2018 offers a comprehensive analysis of Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola and the club’s historical landmark season of 2017/2018. Primarily, the case study analyzes the tactical perspective impeded in pep’s style and leadership, and how this became suited in the premier league upon his arrival. The paper is heavily grounded in Guardiola’s style of city in the club by closely looking at the key player’s ideologies by his philosophy. Pep’s style of coaching, his system, and positionality are analyzed in the case study. The authors utilized one aspect to strengthen their arguments. When analyzing pep and Manchester, they considered a wide range of soccer aspects such as transitioning, pressing, aspects of distribution, and purpose. With the current revolution of football that is basically aging out old boys such as Jose Mourinho, coaches and managers can pinpoint one thing; the absence of leadership is the absence of football success.

Han, S. (2019). Analyzing Sports Documentary Online-Focus on All or Nothing: Manchester City on Prime Video. International journal of advanced smart convergence, 8(3), 20-26. Retrieved from

The publication in the International Journal of advanced smart convergence by Han analyzed the American over the top original creation, all or nothing: Manchester city from a multidimensional perspective. The study is primarily focused on Manchester city FC in relation to its recent rise, winning trembles, and attentive heavy investment from the United Arab Emirates. The study outlines focus on major trophies that display the greatness of the club. Among this is the four-time league winner since 1993/1994 season. The study also explains how to watch the documentary and its type. One of the strengths of the article is the ability to entangle a variety of sources to improve reliability. For example, Han highlights how the premier league has become so popular in Korea with the rise of Tottenham Hotspur’s star Heung-Min Son. Greatness in leadership is the result of a diverse strategy that aims at setting new records and new heights.

Documentary viewed for the class: All or nothing: Manchester City.

  • What problem or question do you intend to address?
  • How is this question connected to a documentary you viewed for the class?
  • Why is this interesting question? Why does it matter?
  • Who is talking about it? What academic disciplines explore this question and what methods do they use?
  • What is your current thesis, even though it will continue to evolve?

How good management can lead to success?

Pep Guardiola has built an emperor of proper management in Manchester City FC with support from the club’s owner, Sheikh Mansour. Pep’s leadership style that entails an aspect that aims to keep a balance between the team and happiness of the players has amassed incredible success for the club. Effective management is required for coordination of various departments of an organization to meet the stipulated goal. A good management serves as a solid foundational manual for organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

In the current football revolution, football teams have become organizational entities and proper business units. Football teams such as QPR and Nottingham represented their fans in the larger European football arena, but today they are nowhere to be seen. A football club needs an organizational structure that balances between the player’s skills and organizational needs. This involves laying out guidance to all players, and other employees to establish proper relationships to govern steady workflows in the club. This is something many institutions struggle with.

Manchester city leadership is explored by academic disciplines such as sports management and leadership studies using methodologies such as interviews displayed articles, interviews and books.

There are astonishing success football clubs can realize by establishing a good management structure.


Due Dates

3/17-3/24 (HW12) Conferences– Meet with our course librarian at your scheduled time; library research sheet due at your instructor conference

Tuesday, 3/17 (HW10) Research Question Declaration Day; Bring two annotations to class and upload.

Thursday, 3/19 (HW11) Bring a draft of your proposal to class and upload.

3/20-3/24 Conferences–Bring a revised and printed draft to discuss during your conference. (Draft should consist of proposal and at least 5 annotated sources.) (Conference with librarian and instructor count for class attendance on 3/24 and 3/26)

Thursday, 3/26 Final Draft: Revise, submit to Canvas (WP3). Note: you will not have the option to revise this writing project.


The point of Writing Project 3 is to locate and synthesize at least 8 relevant sources that you plan to use in your final research paper, as well as to organize and map the goals of your research-based essay in a one to two page proposal. In writing a proposal, you should be able to arrive at two conclusions: why you have chosen to address this specific topic; and how you plan to contemplate this topic in a meaningful and comprehensive way. The proposal should also create a point of reference, guiding the choices you will make in investigating specific sources, and it should evolve as you complete that research, reflecting your most recent thoughts as you become more knowledgeable in your area of inquiry. The topic you will explore should have some relation to the issues we’ve been exposed to this semester.

Part I: Proposal

Your 1-2-page research proposal should address the following questions in essay format: (1) What problem or question do you intend to address (i.e., what is your research question)? Phrase this as a question in the proposal. (2) How is this question connected to a documentary you viewed for the class? (3) Why is this an interesting question? Why does it matter? (4) Who is talking about it? What academic disciplines explore this question and what methods do they use? (5) What is your current thesis, even though it will continue to evolve?

Part II: Annotated Bibliography

Also complete an annotated bibliography of at least eight relevant, appropriate, and reliable primary and secondary sources. Sources like Wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and news overviews are not acceptable. The majority of your sources should come from scholarly (not popular) publications. Try to include research that takes a variety of opinions and perspectives about your topic into account.

Provide an MLA-style or APA-style citation for each source (remember to remain consistent throughout the bibliography). Under each citation, provide a 125-175 word annotation that:

Briefly summarizes the source (book, chapter, article, interview, etc.)

Identifies the piece’s argument (or main point)

Relies primarily on your own words and phrasing (use summary and paraphrase and limit yourself to one direct quote per annotation)

Discusses the source’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, does the item offer a good introduction to the issue? Does the item deal with a particular aspect of the issue that is especially relevant to the problem you plan to address in your proposal? Do you find the piece accessible or is it geared to a more specialized audience? Etc.

  • Describes how the piece will contribute to your project.

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