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Explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of a certain cuisine (or specific dish) becoming wildly popular. Support your ideas with details from the readings and your own experiences. Write about 950 based on the outline

I. Introduction

  • Hook:

Globalization has had an impact not only on economic and politic, but also on national culture. The fusion of food culture is a typical example of that.

  • Background information:

Due to the influences of the region, climate, customs, and the other factor, there are many different cooking styles appear among different area. However, because of globalization there are more cultural exchanges started between countries. Chinese food becomes widely popular in the U.S.

  • Thesis statement:

Excessive food cultural fusion makes Chinese food known to the world, but it has also lost the original taste of a traditional Chinese dishes.

II. Body paragraph 1

  • Topic sentence:

Authentic cuisine become unreachable, even though there is many Chinese restaurant outside, they have no real taste of a traditional Chinese dishes.

  • Supporting detail:

There are many famous Chinese dishes which I never heard before like orange chicken, broccoli beef. Americans prefer food include a little sweetness, the traditional Chinese food is usually salty and spicy. The restaurant “improved” Chinese food according to American’s preference.

C. Source (as direct quote or summary):

The truth, however, is that chop suey-a jumbled stir-fry of meat, egg, cabbage, and other vegetables served over rive- was already being offered in Chinatown restaurants across the United States, mostly to non-Chinese patrons (Freedman).

III. Body paragraph 2

  • Topic sentence:

The wide spread of food allows us to eat hometown food even in a foreigner country.

  • Supporting detail

It not hard to find a Chinese restaurant in the U.S. When we having a homesick, at least we can eat one meal from our hometown. It looks like Chinese people who like Western food, if they ca n’t eat Chinese food for a long time, they will feel uncomfortable. Eating habits are developed by childhood, and it is difficult to change it. We have a “Chinese stomach”, and Westerners have a “Western stomach”. If they can’t eat hamburger, fries, and cheese for a long time they will also feel uncomfortable.

  • Source (as direct quote or summary):

There is no such thing as authentic food. Eat what you want, and enjoy it (Tran).

IV. Conclusion

While Chineses food is famous all over the world, they may give up the original taste in order to adapt to the preferences of more people.


1.there is no such thing as a nonethnic restaurant

author :paul freedman



Poem: Food


By Victor Valle

One eats

The moon in a tortilla

Eat frijoles

And you eat earth

Eat chile

And you eat sun and fire

Drink water

And you drink sky

From Calendar of Souls, Wheel of Fire, Irvine: Pacific Writers Press, 1991.

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