1page Article review

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1 page article review. The article is attached and rubric

Students are encouraged to search for an article of an ethical topic of interest that relates to their specific program area ( I have attached my article)

Each article review will consist of three sections which will be
identified through use of level headings in addition to a brief
introduction and conclusion. Level headings should clearly indicate what
the student is writing about but only be about three to five words

  • Section one: Discuss in detail three things you learned though reading the article and the importance of the information.
  • Section
    two: If the student had the opportunity to ask the author(s) questions,
    what are three specific questions they would ask. Discuss the rationale
    behind asking these specific questions.
  • Section three: The
    student should discuss three things which could have been done
    differently in the article. This could include further discussion on a
    topic, structure of the article, a critique of the article itself, etc.


  • An
    appropriate article (which meets date criteria) and following
    instructions. Therefore, it is important use the correct format, show
    good effort on APA, and have an appropriate topic and current article
    from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.
  • The article chosen must relate to ethical concepts discussed in the course.
  • Do
    not copy and paste into the submission box, as the text will not
    display correctly. Attach both your Journal Article Review and the PDF
    of the original article as separate attachments under the same
    submission (students only get one submission). Articles copy and pasted into a word document will not be accepted.
  • Fully and thoughtfully answering the prompt for each section and quality.
  • Having a copy of the article.
  • Professional writing ability.
  • The review should be formatted in single space

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