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Question: Social media objectives are listed
in Chapter 18 in section 18-2b. Identify the company’s primary social media
objectives based on actual communications on its social networking site. Be
sure to provide examples.

Social Media outlet: Facebook

Company: NIKE

Needs to be at least 150 words.

18-2b: Social Media Objectives are as follows:

After establishing a listening platform, the organization should
develop a list of objectives for its social media team to accomplish. These
objectives must be developed with a clear understanding of how social media
change the communication dynamic with and for customers. Remember—attempting to
reach a mass audience with a static message will never be as successful as
influencing people through conversation. Marketing managers must set objectives
that reflect this reality. Here are some practical ideas that marketing
managers should consider when setting social media objectives:

Monitor what is being said about the brand and competitors, and glean insights
about audiences. Use online tools and do research to implement the best social
media practices. If you have established a listening strategy, this objective
should already be accomplished.

AND AWARENESS: Open dialogues with stakeholders by giving them compelling
content across a variety of media. Engage in conversations, and answer
customers’ questions candidly. This will both increase Web traffic and boost
your search engine ranking. This is where crowdsourcing can be useful for
product development and communication campaign feedback.

SERVICES: The clearest path to increasing the bottom line using social media is
to get customers talking about products and services, which ultimately
translates into sales.

REPUTATION: Develop and improve the brand’s reputation by responding to
comments and criticism that appear on blogs and forums. Additionally,
organizations can position themselves as helpful and benevolent by
participating in other forums and discussions. Social media make it much easier
to establish and communicate expertise.

SERVICE: Customer comments about products and services will not always be
positive. Use social media to search out displeased customers and engage them
directly in order to solve their service issues.

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