please read and summarize the following

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For each of the following summarize Schattschneider’s central argument about the idea in at least 50 and no more than 75 words for each of the four:

  1. The basic pattern of all politics is the struggle over expanding the scope of some and narrowing the scope of other conflicts (publicize/privatize).
  2. The central tactic used by elites seeking to win the struggle over scope is conflict displacement.
  3. It matters Whose Game We Play.
  4. The unforgivable sin for leadership in a democratic society is to dissipate public energies by focusing them on more trivial conflicts rather than articulating the alternatives clearly so citizens can weigh the necessary trade-offs required in advancing any particular public policy.

In each of your four summaries (50-75 words each), include a short quote from Schattschneider that is clearly central to understanding the idea that paragraph is focusing on explaining. Be sure to indicate the page number for each quote. The quote is not included in the word count.

Not really a page but follow the stpes above

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