nursing case study see attachment

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Identify the teaching needs and readiness to learn for this client.

Identify any cultural factors that influence the care for this client.

  • 1.Why is patient on this drug? Vancomycin
  • 2.Are there any contraindications or precautions that would eliminate the use of this drug for Gerald?
  • 3.What core patient variables are most important to consider for Gerald when assessing drug therapy?
  • 4.Which findings from the nursing assessment demonstrate the effectiveness or possible adverse effects from drug therapy?
  • 5.What teaching is required for client regarding his drug therapy? Do you need any additional data to determine appropriate teaching?

Answer the questions associated with the case study Write in complete sentences, narrative form, using one paragraph for each question.

Include a minimum of two (2) references from a credible source.

Use APA format

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