Just comment on these 4 articles, the rubric is attach

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1. Americans can’t stop relying on social media for their news


2. https://apnews.com/1f3c78da51664bc493d127289144cf5a

Johnson & Johnson were involved in the sale of three different types of opioid in the U.S. The Ohio agreement calls for the company to pay $20 million without admitting liability while also including $5 million for legal expenses and $5.4 million to nonprofit organizations that deal with opioid crisis. Do you feel justice is served in this case? What would you recommend as a reasonable consequence for the company’s actions with regards to opioid distribution?

3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeremybogaisky/2019/10/01/ups-wins-first-approval-to-operate-wider-scale-drone-delivery-service-in-us/#518787422c20

UPS has become the first company to operate a drone airline country wide, beating out competitors like Amazon and Alphabet’s Wing. The FAA is restricting the drone usage to rural and college areas. How would you feel about a drone delivery package to your college dorm or apartment?

4. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/01/the-holidays-are-less-important-to-retailers-as-more-sales-shift-online.html

This article talks about how the holiday season is becoming less important for retailers because more shopping is taking place online throughout the year. Sales increases during the holiday season are declining from the previous years. I think companies should increase the amount of sales they have year round and increase their online presence to draw in consumers. What are your thoughts?

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