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According to “Health Disparity and Structural Violence: How Fear Undermines Health Among Immigrants at Risk for Diabetes,” stated that people’s ability to live a healthy lifestyle would prevent diabetes in terms of six themes:

(a) Money and cost

(b) Stress and fear

(c) Being physical active is challenging

(d) People eat unhealthy food

(e) Food as social practice

(f) People’s lack of information

There are three main dimensions of fear. One would be cost. People who have health insurance or money doesn’t have this fear. But the ones that do not have this are in fear that they can’t afford to go to the doctor. A person that didn’t have insurance would have to choose between being seen for their illness or buying food for their family. Therefore, the person would remain untreated and undiagnosed. 

The second dimension of fear is language and discrimination. The people feel like they are a burden because of their inability to communicate. Or they feel like they are not wanted in this country.

 The third dimension of fear is “culture disconnect”.  The providers and the patients disagree with the home remedies or “traditional” remedies to cure or treat their health problems. The providers would blame noncompliant behavior on cultures.

According to “PLoS Med. (2006)” Structural violence describes social structures—economic, political, legal, religious, and cultural—that stops individuals, groups, and societies from reaching their full potential. 

Do you agree that structural violence perpetuates health disparity?  I do because people do have fear of cost, language and discrimination, and culture disconnect. There are barriers between the providers and the patients that prevent the patients from medical care.

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