Analysis of the Doo Wop Bop

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600 word minimum Essay in MLA format about the response and analysis of the doo wop bop after watching this video on youtube.

Consider incorporating relevant questions from the list below in the analysis.This list is not a check-off list; not all questions may apply :

Include all identifying information- name of performance, when, where?

Is it a new or classic work? Experimental?

If a program is given, consult it.

Take notes during the performance, including notes on your reactions throughout.

Is there a “style” involved? Is the dance a ballet, modern, or both?

Is there a “historical” component in the setting of the work?






Did these elements affect the mood? How?

How did the performance flow? Transitions, pace . . .

The music will require extra thought in many performances. If there is a musical component, please describe. Was it live or pre-recorded? What was the effect of the music in each section? Was music used for emotional effect? . . .

If there is a talk-back (Q & A) after the performance, stay and participate.

Apply relevant information from the text readings in your reaction/ analysis.

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