Bethel University Unit 2 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Narrative Essay

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 write a narrative essay in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below.    

This week we examined various financial statements that are prepared for use by internal and external stakeholders.  Why are externally presented reports required to be prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles while internally presented managerial accounting reports are not? How can a misstatement in one financial statement, whether intentional or not, affect a presentation in another financial statement? Give an example of an error that occurs on one of the financial statements and the error flows through to a different financial statement.  Complete the balance sheet by supplying the missing amounts for PR 13-20A on Page 619.  

The bookkeeper for Packard’s Country Music Bar left this incomplete balance sheet. Packard’s working capital is $90,000 and its debt-to-assets ratio is 40 percent. 

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