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Discussion Question:

As a junior congress person you have been asked to help promote a bill to allow casino gambling in your state. There is much opposition to this bill. Using distributive bargaining, discuss the pros and cons which might arise toward the passing or defeating of this bill.

XXX’s Post:

Distributive talks could be a quite approach towards negotiation or talks one thing that may be enforced once a number of the sources try to divide or distribute one thing supported the results. Here the subject is expounded to the passing of the bill to permit the casino gambling within the state. As considering Pine Tree State as a member i might counsel to push the bill within the state.

Here the very fact that the majority of the revenue for the state depends upon the factors like varied economic contributions which has the touristry, exports, and varied investments. In respect of those the very fact that delivery the casino within the state can facilitate within the increasing the big revenue for the govt. and that result in the rise of the varied industrial activities. in keeping with the recent study of the Anderson,2005 and Gu &LI, 2009 prompted that casino would facilitate the govt. in many ways in respect of the economic.

i might support the event of a casino gambling bar by examination the below reasons for each professionals and cons that I assessed for my arguments:


The professionals of getting the gambling house within the state area unit listed below:

· State will get a high quantity of further revenue within the style of taxation

· The state conjointly gets a further financial gain from the tourer inflows particularly on the weekends

· the extra inflows mean that the companies within the area unit like hotels, restaurants, public parking’s, liquor and toll booth collections conjointly increase that is extremely useful in making a stable economy for obtaining new businesses

· A casino employs heaps of individuals for operations which implies heaps of employment operations for the realm

· This increased revenue will facilitate produce a stable family surroundings within the space sort of a public park for the prevailing residents


As they area unit professionals there also are cons that are equally necessary to think about, however conjointly a reasoning on why i believe they will be handled

· Law and order issues that may arise thanks to heaps of holiday makers sprawling in and out of the realm, however this could be resolvable by increasing the night patrolling within the space. Also, casino licensing will be strictly enforced which is able to facilitate to manage these eventualities.

· the most con of getting the license is that the issues with traffic that may increase, however the additional revenue returning in will facilitate to extend the police and enforcement to stay it in restraint.

· The nuisance that may be caused by the drug addicts may also increase which may even be taken care by the rise within the police

· old residents would possibly notice an interruption within the surroundings and also the nightlife too could be affected

· is also a rise in road accidents thanks to drunk driving.

· variety of latest tourists may increase the road rages that we’d face.


My argument would be supported the very fact that casino gambling isn’t a brand new issue in America and conjointly the most cons like substance abuse, traffic, public disruptions and alternative cons don’t seem to be directly associated with the Casino. Not each town littered with these is thanks to a similar reason

All of those cons area unit terribly manageable with the rise within the police or enforcement, all of them will be completely canceled out or maybe reduced watchfully once the state can increase the revenue for funding for these agencies. Implementing these measures currently itself can facilitate recruit and train them before the casino business develop demand. consecutive stage of discussions are disregarded to the state department for allocating lands to the casino and conjointly the local department to estimate on what quantity this might increase their employment.


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