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please replied to these classmates post for example you might start like this hello nice post

Post 1 shannon wrote this :

Waterfall Versus Agile….both are distinct methods that are used.

The Waterfall model is a linear model of design for software.  The name Waterfall says it all as that is exactly how the model works.  There are a set of tasks that are completed, then another set until you have working software over time. This uses 8 different sections that the process is broken into. These sections are: Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance.  

The Agile method is incremental and iterative in software design.  The design process is broken down into models that can be worked on.  With this process, there is no rhyme or reason and changes can be made at any time.  The Agile method is fairly new but is making a name for itself in the past couple of years.  

My choice as the best for Steel Wheels would have to be the Agile method.  This method allows for changes to be made at any time during the process.  Since this is a new process for the company they will be able to learn as they go.  This method is also good for experimental design which is also good for Steel Wheels.  A significant problem in companies without BI is that there are not enough people involved and the ones who are will not exactly be qualified.  The Agile method allows for interaction and communication throughout the company.  

The reason that today most people are choosing Agile method over the Waterfall method is because in the beginning of the process, no one really knows what they want. If these companies chose to go traditional and use Waterfall, then they would not be able to make changes along the way. 


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post 2 Daniel wrote this:

For the steel wheels project plan preparation I would use the agile methodology. I would choose the agile methodology because it is more of an interactive team-based approach to development. It also has a rapid delivery of an application and all of its functional components. Some of the advantages to the agile approach are that the customers are able to have an early opportunity to see the specific work that is being delivered and make certain decisions and changes throughout the development phase. The other advantage to the agile approach is that the customer is able to gain a certain sense of ownership by working directly with the different projects teams throughout the project. These are some of the reasons why the agile methodology is preferred over the traditional waterfall methodology.

With the waterfall approach there is a potential drawback with the possibility that the customer might not be satisfied with the final delivered product. Since the deliverables are based upon document requirements, the customer may not be able to see what will be delivered until it is almost finished. By that time the changes would be very costly and difficult to implement.

Post 3 Johnathan wrote this:

So the big talk ttoday is some Washington post video of Trump allegedly talking crudely about some women back in 2005; locker room talk as they say. And I’m only doubting because its the Post – they are notoriously bad at being honest or trying to apply any kind of balanced journalism. But if these are Trump’s actual words then – oh well – he is who he is and his past is, well you know…colorful.

Thus we have brought up a few topics that relate to the first amendment. First: what is free speech? I mean – what is speech that is allowed to be said? Well, according to a previous professor, it is anything you want to say so long as it is not you stating that you are about to do something criminal. So you can slander and name call and curse and cuss all you want but (baring some specific situations) you can’t get arrested for it because it is your right to speak your mind at (almost) all times. I’m adding exceptions because, at work there may be rules against foul language, in a court room you can’t use foul language, and in most cases you can’t do so on public TV so….yeah, you may be breaking the law in those instances, but out in th open, online, in your home, or in a public place that has no rules against such – you can pretty much get away with saying whatever you want.

Now back to Trump – (Oh wait, one more rabbit trail) does anyone find it interesting that so much negativity is being broughtt up on him and not Hillary? or is that just me? Sorry – just had my bias warning flag going off. Ok, now Trump of course is in no legal trouble with his crude remarks. He will simply be frowned upon by some of his supporters and laughed at by the rest of them who don’t care. But all of this goes to show how we opperate in a technology rich and free society. Such conversations would not take place in North Korea for instance and nor in China. To talk so badly or post such poor taste things on leadership or (in this case) “soon to be” national leadership just would not happen in these non-democratic countries. Even Vladimir Putin might have something done about some reporter doing an attack piece of this kind on him. I dunno. But what I’m getting at is – wow we have it good here in America!

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-recorded-having-extremely-lewd-conversation-about-women-in-2005/2016/10/07/3b9ce776-8cb4-11e6-bf8a-3d26847eeed4_story.html

Post 4 Demetrius wrote this:

The Justice Department filed suit against Apple after the company failed to acknowledge a federal judge order to allow law enforcement access to an IPhone that was used by one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino shootings. The federal judge ordered Apple to build a custom IOS software code that would allow law enforcement agencies the ability to access IPhones without the user’s consent/knowledge. It was mentioned that, this avenue would only be used in instances only where individuals were found to have ties to criminal or terrorist activities. The company is arguing that this is a violation of their right to free speech. The problem with this argument is that corporations are not viewed as people, and, the conversation on software coding being protected by the First Amendment is still ongoing. While the lawsuit has since been dropped since the FBI found other means to gain access to the phone, the conversation surrounding software coding regulations is still being pursued. Since both issues still lie within the grey area of the law Apple has asked Congress to bring forth legislation that would address the issues of technology and security in relation to law enforcements responsibility to protect and serve, all while ensuring citizens security, privacy, and personal freedoms aren’t infringed upon.

Cnet.com. Apple to argue First Amendment in IPhone encryption fight. Retrieved on October 7, 2016 from https://www.cnet.com/news/apple-to-argue-first-amendment-in-iphone-encryption-fight/

Dear writer what would you replied to these classmates about their post

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