I need these 10 questions answered and a citation I’d required after every response. Sport Marketing Exam Two APA Version 6 Citation is required after EVERY RESPONSE. 1) Imagine they have been hi

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I need these 10 questions answered and a citation I’d required after every response.

Sport Marketing

Exam Two

APA Version 6 Citation is required after EVERY RESPONSE.

1) Imagine they have been hired as the director of marketing for a minor league baseball team. The team had virtually no records of past ticket buyers other than a list of last year’s season-ticket purchasers. Develop five ways to build the team’s prospect database in the off-season.

2) Select a prominent company involved in sport marketing sponsorship activities. Make a list of what sort of objectives the company may establish before entering into partnerships, based on the objectives listed in this chapter (Sponsorship etc.). Review some of the company’s current activities and events related to sport sponsorships and determine, based on the criteria selected, whether that sponsorship is meeting those objectives. Why or why not?

3) Today, many sponsors seek partners who offer measurement tools and metrics to gauge the effectiveness of the partnership. Companies such as Turkey Intelligence, IEG, and Navigate Marketing specialize in measuring sponsorship effectiveness. Research the work of such companies and explain how they attempt to determine the return on investment of a particular sponsorship.

4) Nike is referred to as a company involved in ambush marketing. Explain ambush marketing and provide an example, other than Nike, of a company involved in such activities.

5) Imagine that you are employed by a marketing agency to provide hospitality for the clients of a large international courier service at a prestigious international sporting event (e.g., FIFA World Cup). What factors would you consider when planning your schedule of activities?

6) Identify five athletes who you believe could become effective endorsers. Select a product for each and explain why that person would be an effective endorser for that product.

7) Identify and assess the community relations and public relations of various sport entities (e.g., NBA Cares campaign, NFL Play60 campaign). What publics are they trying to reach? What message are they sending to those publics? Does it appear that good interaction occurs between media relations and community relations to create good public relations?

8) Discuss whether social media can truly be used as a tool to generate revenue. Do ticket offers posted on social media sites create new revenue for a team, or do they cannibalize other ticket sales efforts? How effective are teams at realizing ROI from their social media platforms?

9) look up a legal case involving intellectual property in sport. Ask students to share the facts of the case with the rest of the class and then have the class debate the case before revealing the outcome (if the case has been decided). A good case to start with might be the Ed O’Bannon vs. NCAA case.

10) Using an example from a current sport organization, illustrate the effects of price on the remaining four Ps. Describe scenarios that demonstrate both positive and negative effects.

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