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This Paper format with need to be double-spaced, times new roman 12 font and in MLA. It should be no more then 5 pages 4 the Maximum. This paper should have two parts to it.

Part ONE: write a short paper in which they identify one example of a modern work (film, novel, short story, etc.) that meets Aristotle’s criteria of a “perfect tragedy”. Describe how this work meets, or does not meet, each criteria. You MUST answer the same questions you answered for Aias and Oedipus Rex as you write your paper – however, you MUST also write paragraphs. Do NOT just answer the questions, but use the questions as a guide to help you write a good paper.

PART TWO: write the following essay in addition to the short paper above: Some scholars argue that Aristotle thinks Oedipus Rex is the perfect tragedy. Other scholars deny that Aristotle thinks Oedipus Rex is “perfect.”

  1. Using Aristotle’s criteria for the perfect tragedy, analyze the plot of Oedipus Rex and prove it meets his criteria or not. You MUST apply the terminology of Aritstotle in your response and use the questions that you answered about Oedipus Rex as your guide to make sure you analyze the plot fully

Oedipus Rex Questions:

1. Identify the hero

2. Does the hero start the play in “good fortune” (i.e. is his life going well in the beginning of the tragedy?)

3. Do the hero and all other characters end the play in “bad fortune” (i.e. is everyone
less happy in the end)

4.Identify the tragic flaw of the hero (if any) and quote a passage that shows this flaw.

5. Does this tragedy evoke a catharsis in you of pity AND fear? That is, do you feel relieved from pity and fear in the end?

6. Do you think most people would feel a catharsis of pity and fear from this tragedy?

7. Identify the tragic action (if any) and quote the passage in which this action takes place.

8.If there is a tragic action, is the description of it disgusting or excessively graphic?

9. If there is a tragic action, cite the passage that is the recognition scene.

10.If there is no tragic action, was the tragic action avoided or averted by recognition of a loved one? Quote the passage in which the tragic action is avoided because of some kind of recognition of a loved one (For example, the hero avoids murdering someone because he realizes the person he is about to murder is his son)

11.Identify the turning point (if any) and quote the passage.

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