David Garvin’s Dimensions of Quality, project management help

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Each student will select one company to research and, using David
Garvin’s Dimensions of Quality, determine how that company either meets
or perhaps fails to meet (Volkswagon, for example) customer
expectations and requirements.  The paper should be a MS Word Document,
4-5 pages in length, 12 pt. New Times Roman font and double spaced.
 You’ll use the Toulmin method of analysis on each
dimension that is applicable.  Every student (whether on line or in
class) will need to select a different company and forward their
selection to me.  In the event two students pick the same company, I’ll
use the time I received the e-mail as the selection criteria.  You can
pick any manufacturing or service related company and the greater the
variety the better.  I’ll be posting a grading rubric to help guide your

For the on line students, the paper is due Tuesday,
August 2 by 1:30 Pacific Daylight Time.  You’ll need to make sure you’re
aware of the time zone differences. 

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