Develop PowerPoint of a Coalition Case Study, homework help

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 Identify a coalition in your community and creating a power point to describe the coalition.  (This may be on any topic )

Please make the coalition power point presentation visually appealing and respond to each of the questions listed in the assignment.  If you would like to use a coalition that is outside your local community, it’s okay to identify a coalition in your state or a coalition formed around an issue that is important to you. 

  1. Each of you will develop a PowerPoint of a Coalition Case Study in your community.
    • You will submit your individual Coalition Case Study PowerPoint to the assignment drop box below this page.
    • PowerPoint presentations are expected to be substantive and visually interesting.
  1. Include the following information.
    1. Name and membership of the coalition
    2. Overview of the context and the setting for the formation of the coalition
    3. Problem coalition was trying to address
    4. Coalition goals
    5. Summary of coalition activities (tactics) the coalition engaged in to achieve goals
    6. Internal and external challenges experienced by coalition
    7. Key successes of coalition
    8. Lessons learned by the coalition in trying to achieve their goals

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