Write an 800 word theme analysis advancing a critical comparison of these two stories.

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General Description: An 800 word theme analysis that from lite research advances a critical comparison of two stories.

Some comparative sub-topics you might use to help with your analysis: alienation, irony, symbolism, oppression, political, power and poverty, de-individualization, tone, theme, discontinuity, characterization, culture, privilege, imagery, empowerment.
Prompt: Choose two stories from the modules and offer a critical comparison that examines how the stories are alike. Take a creative and persuasive approach while providing the reader with critical insight while including reference to any of the scholarly articles assigned and provided.

Essay Criteria

  • Multi-paragraph Essay of 800 words (4 to 6 paragraphs total);
  • Research is not required, but your reader will be impressed with any references made to the past articles we have covered.
  • Quoted material of no more than 20 percent of the essay
  • 1 inch margins, all around;
  • Strong, introductory or thesis statement that directly relates to an analysis based on a specific, critical comparison, AND that is made apparent in the first paragraph;
  • Body paragraphs that do not simply re-tell stories, but rather advance the stated points of comparison;
  • Well-developed body paragraphs that provide expansion and discussion of key concepts and that follow succinct topic sentences;
  • Strong Introductory and Conclusive paragraphs that while relating to your theme also comes across as bold and philosophical.

The two stories are attached in PDF format.

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