irls210 final

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Welcome to the last assignment!

For this assignment, write a persuasive letter to someone related to the local issue you highlighted in the week 8 forum. You don’t need to provide your return address for the assignment, but you’ll need to include it if you decide to send your letter. Provide the name, position, and mailing address of one person you could contact regarding the local issue at the top of your submission. Then write a four-paragraph (no more than 2 single-spaced pages, including references) letter using this format:

Paragraph 1: introduce yourself and explain the problem.

Paragraph 2: explain the relevant history of the problem (cite your sources).

Paragraph 3: explain concepts and theories related to the problem (cite your sources and relate to course materials if possible). Pick one international relations theory, term, or concept that we studied to make your case relevant. Do any of the mainstream theories we studied in Week 2 relate?

Paragraph 4: propose possible solutions and explain what you want this person to do. Name specific organizations that could help, such as specific state agencies or programs, IGOs, NGOs, MNCs, or civil networks (presumably we are not seeking the help of uncivil networks for this exercise).

Your letter should have a professional tone and look and follow the standard letter format. Add legitimacy to your claims by providing citations using the Turabian style and include a list of your references (required). Use 12 pitch, Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. Include your last name in your file name and upload your work in a .doc or .docx file by Sunday of week 8. lastnamefirstnamefinalclasssectionumber example: GonzalesJose final IRLS21001 A template is attached for your convenience. see also…

It is up to you whether or not you send the letter, but you are encouraged to do so. Civic engagement is crucial in democratic societies.



Exemplary 16-20

Accomplished 11-15

Developing 6-10

Beginning 0-5


Paragraph 1: Clear but detailed explanation of the problem


Paragraph 2: Detailed history that demonstrates an appropriate level of research


Paragraph 3: Critical thinking and demonstration of knowledge


Paragraph 4: Critical thinking and detailed solutions


Writing Mechanics and Citations




Supporting Materials

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