Working on Capstone project draft regarding Educating EMS students on Disaster Management!

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Please hit me up if you have a background in disaster management and emergency medical services ( EMS ) I need you to edit a capstone draft including ( fixing citation including in text, add stuff or removing stuff,) ( make sure the cited statements match the references )

Use American casual language so it sounds more natural!

Include these elements in the method section and other section where is necessary!!

Introduction to Four FEMA Missionaries. (disaster phases, Preparedness/ prevention, Response, Recovery, Mitigation)

Introduction to disaster management

Include a little history on disaster in Saudi

Incident Command System

Display a picture or diagram of ICS structure

Planning P

The Commission six element

Role of ems during disaster

HVA (Hazardous Vulnerability Analysis)

Hadden Matrix

and anymore you see it’s relevant in this cycle (imaging you have one day agenda to teach EMS students on disaster management, what would you display!!

go over it and apply your expertise and there will see many statements without citations and some with inappropriate ones!

Remember the draft needs fixing by all means so impress me, apply your experience in research are, Use FEMA as much as possible and you totally free to eliminate the irrelevant part such as the references, statements, points, on the other hand you can add or editi anything you see it’s important, treat it like it’s yours, PLEASE DON’T COME KNOCKING ON THE DOOR IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’m talking about because that hurts both of us.. lol

I’ll be throwing some good references might guid you throw!

I look forward to your magnitude adjustments ^_^

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