U.S Education Vs Viet Nam Education

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Prompt : Compare US educational to Asian countries ( specific one such as Viet Nam )

+Please be sure to summarize each idea about the topic (research), and then state your personal opinion or experience after each idea, using MLA citations (at least 2 or 3 sources for the entire paper).

+There should be a total of 6 paragraphs minimum, for example: Introduction, Topic 1 research & personal summary, Topic 2 research & personal summary, Topic 3 research & personal summary, Topic 4 research & personal summary, and Conclusion.

Here are the Topics

-American Culture

+ U.S Holidays

-American Lifestyle

+ Diet, Lifestyle, sarcasm

-American Classroom Culture

+ Teaching Method ( Professor vs Students, How students participate in class)

-Interaction with faculty members (Course Instructor, Academic Advisor)

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