Summarize Essay in 200-250 words

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For many years, Stephen Jay Gould brought the complexities of science to the general public through his monthly articles in Natural History magazine. His compelling writing style combined with the philosophy of a Renaissance man provided insights into the fields of geology, paleontology, and evolutionary biology, making accessible to the non-specialist his special interests of punctuated equilibrium, natural selection, and the relationship between form and function.

For this assignment, I have chosen one of Gould’s essays. You will read “The Panda’s Thumb”:

Your assignment is to summarize the essay for your classmates in 200-250 words. Please state the thesis as the first sentence (Stephen Jay Gould argues that _______) and then provide at least three main points of evidence used to demonstrate that thesis. Make sure to use appropriate signal phrases, with an author’s name and the title of the work.


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