Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy

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Practice writing claims based on the following issue question: Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy? Write 3 versions of a claim: fact, value, and policy. Develop the three claims, and select one to take through the From Claim to Draft process.. Develop your outline into a draft (no less than 500 words).

1. Proclaim yourself an expert on the issue; most certainly, you are more informed than many other laypersons.

2. Put your sources aside – out of sight – and write a first, fast draft by using only your outline/planning pages and the knowledge in your head that you have gained through intensive study of the issue.

You are encouraged to complete a first draft of this piece, then revise your work. Submit the entire assignment as one document (include three claims, one outline, and one final draft.

MLA Style

500 + words

works sited

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