please answer the following by numbers with supporting references

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1. An advertising agency has developed two advertisements to be used in a magazine. It wants to select the most effective before the ad is printed. Design a study allowing the agency to select the most effective one.

2.What are some examples of topics where you might want both qualitative and quantitative data? Thoughts?

3.How would you design a succession program to become a tool for employee retention? How would you monitor your program to determine its effectiveness?

4.How would you determine if there is alignment? Are there some measurements you would use to gauge the effectiveness of the vision and the communication of it to employees?

5.What are the reasons you think that environment is so different in your new store? How are you going about finding out what is causing the low morale?

6.Identify criteria to evaluate research tools.

7.Use identified criteria to evaluate selection tests, Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and succession planning tools.

8. This article is rather long, but touches on a number of the ideas you have raised in this discussion about how to structure a study. Additional thoughts? Anything jump out at you in this article?…

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