Peer review and write comment

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To offer feedback on sections of the white paper report.

In a professional workplace context, your feedback does NOT include line-by-line grammar and editing changes – that is the responsibility of the writer. Offering feedback for the global or high-level content is more beneficial in the workplace.

The white paper report has potentially different audiences, and the peer reviewer can help you refocus your report as needed.

A manager does not have the time to read a complete report, and may only read certain sections. On the other hand, a budget analyst or an operations supervisor may read other sections that are important for their needs.

This peer review will offer constructive feedback for your peers. In many professional contexts, you do not write alone – you work on project teams, in professional office units, or collaborate with other divisions. Your constructive feedback benefits you and everyone else.

Each student will peer review two white paper report drafts (introduction and recommendations sections ONLY).

There is a listing of students in the course here. Look for the posts of the two students listed after your name (highlighted/linked), and peer review their submissions. If they have not submitted a draft for peer review, go to the next student in the listing.

Use the information in the module instructions above (Purpose section) to assist in your task.

Read the assigned draft sections.
Comment on the draft sections:

  • Summarize the problem described or addressed in the introduction (50 to 75 words).
  • What is the recommendation as a solution to the noted problem? Is it a realistic solution? How? (50 to 75 words).

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