Megacity Paper

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Watch the video, Tokyo, Japan (11:55 minutes)

Write a paper addressing the following questions:
1. Introduction – provide an overview of a megacity that you selected, where is this city geographically located (in what state and country), why did you selected this megacity, and general demographics (e.g., population, race/ethnicity breakdown or most common languages spoken, gross domestic product (GDP), and most common businesses, etc.)
2. Historical Facts – what were three interesting historical facts that you did not know about this megacity (provide an estimated date when these occurred)?
3. Social Change – what were three different social change/movements that affected this megacity (provide an estimated date when these occurred)? This social change could be cultural, religious, economic, scientific or technological.
4. Conclusion – summarize why this city is a megacity and what makes it interesting/unique. Discuss if you would like to live or visit there and why or why not.

This is an academic paper, so you should rarely use first person, “I.” Points will be deducted for typo and grammar errors. If you have any citations, you must use American Psychological Association (APA) citation format and include a bibliography/list of references cited. Avoid using Wikipedia for citations; instead, use the citation of the original source where Wikipedia retrieved the information. Include the course number, your first and last name, student ID number, and page numbers on every page (as a header or footer). Upload the assignment into Canvas by the due date and time.

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