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Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences was developed by psychologist Howard Gardner who suggested that we each possess different degrees of each of the eight intelligence types he proposed. He argued that we should not be asking the question, “How Smart Are You?” Instead, he believed we should ask, “How are you smart?”

After reading about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences in your PSYCH4 textbook (Chapter 7 “The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”), take some time to listen to author and education expert Sir Ken Robinson. In the video, “How Are You Intelligent?” Robinson discusses how our current educational system tends to stifle creativity, and he challenge our view of intelligence.

Link to Video:

  • Do you agree or disagree with Gardner and Robinson’s views on intelligence?
  • What were you taught about intelligence as you were growing up?
  • What areas of intelligence should our public educational institutions focus on, based on your reading? Why?
  • Can you identify with two or three of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences that describe your type of intelligence?
  • Can you provide examples of why you identify with these intelligence descriptions?

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