​Competitor Profile

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Competitor Profile

  • Objective: Learn and apply the tool of competitor analysis/profile to a current business situation.
  • Pick one of your firm’s primary competitors
    • My industry is Beverage Industry which is The Coca-Cola
    • My primary competitors PepsiCo
  • See text chapter 4 for more details.
  • See examples provided in the attached files for your reference.
  • Submit a competitive profile and citing at least 10 sources;approximately 2-3 single spaced pages. Bullet point or tabular format encouraged (you can do this work, either in word or in PPT format, but PPT is preferred)


Strategic Management: Planning for Domestic & Global Competition, 2015, by John A. Pearce, II, and Richard B. Robinson, Jr, Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 14th ed. ISBN 978007862510

This work must be done in less than 24 hours max.

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