Art painting refection

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Write around 400 words

First painting : Frabcius-xavier, the death of abel, oil on canvas,144 x 196cm . Montpellier,Musee Fabre

Second painting: Anne-Louis Girodet. The sleep of endymion, 1791

write an essay comparing the differing ways in which they treat the male body. Remember, in late 18th

-century French painting the male body, nude or clothed, was an institutional, aesthetic, and political

form. Be sure to describe the artworks you discuss. Try, as best as you can, to link the conclusions you draw to specific details in them. In other words, help me see what you’re trying to say about the artworks you’ve opted to examine. And don’t forget – don’t be afraid – to state what seems most obvious.

Make sure you think about your essay as an essay – i.e., it should have an argument/thesis.

What is gained by the comparison you introduce?

What conclusions can be drawn from it? Another way to think about this: choose wisely. Pick paintings,

and a comparison, that will generate good, meaningful writing.

Finally, be sure your essay engages the course readings. At the very least you should

have something specific to say about the readings we’ve done around the artworks you

discuss. Show me that you’ve read closely and critically.

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