Add 5 page to section IV. Methodology (Qualitative) (Action – Qualitative) It is a pastoral paper. Follow all directions.

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The paper is about Pastors who are dealing with suicidal ideations….who are cheaters, gamblers, liars….etc

Project will be a workable model…. base the model of the paper to cover effective approaches that can be implemented to help pastors with moral deficiencies such as pornography, suicide, adultery, stealing, alcoholism, homosexuality, and gambling among others. It will focus on developing strategies that can help pastors to heal and be returned to their congregations as well as their communities

Can you exegete scripture? Acts 20:28


Must send frequent snippets of paper to make sure we are on track.

IV. Methodology (Qualitative) (Action – Qualitative) (5 pgs)

5-7 Peer Reviewed Sources

….paper has to have ideas for helping pastors overcome suicidal ideation, help form a support group for pastors, models for independent counseling as well as group counseling…a whole pastoral care model for pastors with corresponding research. MUST be able to exegete scripture…..very important


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