A new therapist in a mental health center works for months with Becky, psychology homework help

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Please complete a reflection (about 1 page) on at least one of the following cases. Please write mainly about your thoughts and decision making as it relates to ethics (meaning – please do not just write about the actual case).

A new therapist in a mental health center
works for months with Becky, a client who has problem in inter-personal
relationship. As they near termination, the therapist discover that Becky is
dating John, one of her husband’s best
friends. One night after she and her husband have gone to a movie, the stop at
a local coffee shop and bump into Becky who is with John. John asks the
therapist and her husband to join them at a table when the therapist resists,
her husband asks her why she does not want to be sociable. She feels caught
because she cannot break Becky’s
confidentiality to let her husband know why the situation is awkward. Because
her husband insists, they join the other couple and John introduce them to his
date, who does not acknowledge that she and the therapist have a prior
relationship. At the end of the evening, John suggests they get together the
next weekend. The therapist thanks him for the offer but indicates that she is
busy. When they leave the coffee shop, her husband gets angry because they do
not have other plans and accuses her of not liking his best friend.

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