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(multiple choice) chose which one the correct answer :

1- When trying to determine the right thing to do in a given situation, which factors should you consider?

– Your own personal history in similar circumstances

– Your professional training and experience

– The rules of the local setting

– All of these


2- “Ethics” encompasses:

– The primary goal of furthering the welfare of the client

– Behaviors and decisions that revolve around the “right thing to do”

– Doing what is morally right

– All of the above


3- You are a BCBA working in a private clinic. You are asked to take a new client who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and oppositional defiant disorder with aggressive behavior towards peers and siblings. You have not had experience working with clients with these diagnosis or level of aggressive behavior. What should you do?

– Accept the case so you can begin to expand your areas of competence

– Accept the case as long as you can talk to your best friend, who is also a BCBA, if you have any questions

– Agree to work together on the case with a co-worker who is a BCBA-D and has experience working with clients with bipolar disorder and aggressive behavior.


4- Behavior analysts have a responsibility to:

– Only to the person who is paying for the services

– To the person who made the phone call to request the BCBA services

– The client and any others affected by the services, including parents, organization, or a corporation


5- A brochure for a new ABA clinic in town states ‘Children who go through our program are ready to join their peers by kindergarten. Meg, the mother of one client stated, ‘My daughter Jan talks so much now! We can’t believe how much she has improved since we started therapy at the Cure My Child Clinic.’ Which ethics codes is the BCBA owner of this clinic violating?

– Confidentiality, avoiding false and deceptive statements, testimonials and advertising

– Avoiding false and deceptive statements

– Avoiding false and deceptive statements, testimonials and advertising


6- A risk-benefit analysis is:

– Something the BCBA conducts on his own and then based on the results determines if he wants to proceed with the intervention

– Is something that should be discussed with the client to determine the best way to proceed with intervention

– Is something you don’t need to worry about doing


7- Benefits of behavioral intervention include all of the following except:

– Direct benefit to the client

– Increased liability for the organization

– Benefits to others in the setting, such as siblings and peers


8- When research and clinical needs conflict, the behavior analyst:

– Assures that the research is the priority to avoid jeopardizing the outcomes of the study

– Waits until the research is concluded and then addresses the clinical needs of the client

– Assures that the welfare of the client is the priority


9- Fred Jones, BCBA opened a private practice 6 months ago. Business is great and new clients are coming in much faster than he anticipated, in large part due to his friend who is a pediatrician and referring any patients with behavior problems or developmental delays to him. Fred has hired two new BCBAs, a BCaBA and three RBTs since opening. He designed a training program for them but hasn’t been able to implement it yet because he is busy trying to bring in the new clients to support the paychecks for his staff. What ethical codes is Fred violating as a BCBA?

– Responsibility to clients, accepting clients, referrals and fees, supervisory volume

– Responsibility to clients, accepting clients, supervisory volume

– Accepting clients, supervisory volume


10- When more than one scientifically supported treatment has been established for the client and need you are addressing, other factors you can consider in choosing the intervention include all but which of the following:

– Practitioner convenience

– Cost-effectiveness

– Practitioner training and experience


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