the differences between greek and non-fat yugurt, writing homework help

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Similar to cheese, yogurt is also a fermented diary product. Greek yogurt has recently become quite popular with consumers. Click to learn on your own how Greek yogurt is made. Your assignment is to compare “Nutrition Facts” of a non-fat Greek yogurt vs. regular non-fat yogurt. Provide your main conclusions on the nutritional differences between the two yogurts.

Your conclusions should be about 100 words (no less than 90, but no more than 110). Both yogurts are to be of the same brand, but you can select a brand of your personal preference. Please make sure that you are comparing the same serving size of non-fat Greek yogurt and regular non-fat yogurt; for example, 6 oz. non-fat Greek yogurt and 6 oz. regular non-fat yogurt.

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