Players of the Court

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Interview a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, or judge on the respective roles of each of the three in the criminal justice system. (Interview does not have to be in person due to the pandemic. Phone or zoom or email works also.

In addition to the interview, conduct your own research about the responsibilities and roles of each in the criminal justice system.

Write an essay (750-1,000 words) in which you summarize the results of your interview and include a comparison of the interview responses with what you discovered in your research of the three roles.

Organize your essay to sequence the steps of procedural law from the time a person is arrested until they are sentenced while describing the roles of the court players in the various steps.

Use the GCU Library to locate three to five relevant, scholarly sources in support of your content.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style.

*Note from instructor: Hi Class,

For this week’s essay, you may have noticed that an interview is required as part of this assignment. Given that we are still technically in a pandemic, I want to provide everyone ample time to secure your interviews.

Also, the interview does NOT have to occur in person. For the purposes of this assignment, you are welcome to conduct your interview via phone, email, Zoom, etc.

For everyone’s convenience, I waived the late penalty for this essay through the end of the class to make sure that everyone has lots of time to secure an interview person for this assignment. Tip: As long as your essay is submitted by the final day of the class, I will be waiving the late penalty on this essay for you.

Be sure to cite sources

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